Friday, September 4, 2009

My Prayer Requests

This life season of transition has been a challenging journey; and, I have a group of galpals that I share my most pressing prayer requests, I would like to share today's heartfelt request:

Praying Gal Friends... well, our 3rd house opportunity has resurrected and we are in the "throws" of a potential house deal. Our past struggles in our Chicago relocation were in finding a house to appraise at the price that Chicago sellers wanted.. Midwesterners have not been hit as hard by the real estate downturn as those in our beloved SoCal County of Riverside. Long story short, we now have an opportunity with a house and it has appraised.. but, I would ask that you would intercede for us in securing financing. We just found out yesterday that the government's new rules will not allow us to use our rental income against our CA housing debt because we no longer own more than 25% equity. That is very disappointing.. for those of you that have never been through anything like this.. we paid 25% down when we bought the house in a high market 4 years ago and put just as much into the 60's property remodeling it; but, with a "tanked" economy, our house investment has "tanked" So, it does not look any different than the rest of our "resourced people" financial portfolios; but, simply put, we need to find favor with our financial lender.. Restrictions are tighter now and our case could go either way.. So, dear ones, PLEASE PRAY FOR FAVOR FOR US IN THIS FINANCIAL SCENARIO THIS WEEKEND!

I will say, despite spending the past 4 years listening to the stories of the homeless as Sandals Church Com+passion Director in Riverside, CA., this scenario makes the struggle of homelessness even more real to me. Simply put, you cannot do anything in this country without an address. I had a homeless person this past week say, point blank(after I did not hand him any money on the street).."Some day, lady, you will get a heart!".. Ouch, that hurts! Doesn't he know that I have spent the past 4 years of my life hanging out with homeless folks, listening to their stories, trying to connect them with life-giving resources.. and, now, I am homeless, too. I just look a cleaner, smell a little better and am resourced enough to have shelter, food, clothing and enough money to take my daughter shopping.... Well, things aren't always as they appear; and, I press forward in learning about God's love.. the homeless fellow would probably say that what I do have is more than enough!

Praise reports: Our Corona house will be rented 10/1, our cats found loving homes & Rachel tested back into her original dual immersion school here in Chicago!
So appreciate your prayers this weekend in our situation as God's favor is the only way we will be able to secure Chicago housing(we are open to renting,fyi; however, rent is as much as a mortgage payment here!)..
Abundant Labor Day Weekend Blessings to you & your families! Diane

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