Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weary Moms

This week I met for coffee with 2 of my like-seasoned gal pals. We are urban moms, who married later in life. We get together to share life stories and give each other encouragement. This week we were all exhausted, trying to figure out how to simplify our lives and get our households and schedules arranged so that we do not feel like maids or, heaven forbid, nags! Anyone else feel like either of those labels in their home?

I personally think that our "destination community" culture, along with all of the extra-curricular opportunities our resourced children are afforded, has created many of our logistics and maintenance challenges... leading to major mom-stress! It is usually the mom who is the social chairman of the household. She has to know everyone's daily schedule and extra-curricular activities to make the household run smoothly and assure that the kids are delivered everywhere in a timely manner. The three of us lamented over the "olden days"(just a short 40 years ago), when we could still play in our neighborhoods and we took piano or ballet lessons just once a week. Now, with so many options within a 20-mile radius, we always choose to drive to our children's preferred choice of activities to get "the very best" for each of our children. But, are we really affording our families and our kids the best by doing this? The three of us have been wondering!

We have been pondering this issue in our little group for a while... and, we are all in hot pursuit of better balance in our homes through prayer and empowering responsibilities and limitations for each of our family members. We are exhausted and tired of not giving our families our best because of being pulled in so many directions. I, for one, am taking another look at my own destination community chart(3/31 blog) and seeing what I need to cut out (once again!). I want to create even more overlap in my community circles that I hold most dear. It is my best shot at saving time, creating richer relationships and really giving my family my best. I really don't want my teen to continue to tell me I'm cranky, I must be tired... and, why don't I go to bed?(I own it - she is right on target!)

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