Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gifted to Lead.. Art of Leading as a Woman

Well, I am now reading "Gifted To Lead.. the Art of Leading as a Woman in the Church" by Nancy Beach... and, it is interesting. Until I was on staff at Sandals Church, I had no desire to ever be on staff or an "official" part of a church. I preferred the "lay" approach.. it seemed to give more freedom, more ability to address things in a logical, strategic manner..similar to the freedom I was given in business. As a sales person in business, as long as I made my numbers, I could manage my business with my company's accountability and be successful... My experience with church staff had always seemed to be very "institution" and rigid.. without real freedom for women to lead and make choices in an exhilarating and honoring manner... So, for me, this book is very refreshing!

I will say, I was given the empowerment and freedom to lead (as the Holy Spirit nudged)in outreach at Sandals and it was an incredible experience! However, because of my "core life issue" of loneliness, I struggled with leading and not being a part of a team who wanted to collaborate with the vision of outreach to under-resourced others. So, that was a big struggle for me... my core issue "Loneliness" many days led to my core sin "Anger"... but, by God's grace and a lot of great teaching material(like this book), I have learned how to navigate through that a little better...

So, what is your core life issue?..leading to your core sin in this season of life... and, how are you gaining victory through Christ over that?

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