Monday, August 13, 2012

Katy Perry Inspiration

I am a creative-type. I own it. Last month I took my teen to see the new Katy Perry movie and I loved it! I entered the theater with a narrow-minded, conservative, "what could I possibly see redeeming?" attitude about the flick... I own that, too. But, I left very inspired by Katy's creativity gifting and her authenticity before the masses of kids around the world that are just looking for somebody to be real with and to try and understand what it is like to grow up in this century.

So, I tinted my hair auburn... pink or blue is too much maintenance; and, I started pondering. Those of you who know me know I'm always pondering something in this culture. I have always been curious and a deep-thinker. Anyway, my questioning mind wonders... Why could this girl not make it in the Christian pop culture, she is brilliant? What about Christian culture is so limiting, so prohibitive and non-affirming to creatives? Why are Christians unable to talk about sex/sexual issues in 2012... it's been 40 years since Woodstock & the free love movement, for goodness sake?

Don't get me wrong, seeing 9-year-old girls singing, "I kissed a girl & I liked it", still makes me cringe. But, I am beginning to think that some of these pop singers have to sing about this stuff because it is the only way some kids have to emotionally vent or process some of the crazy cultural stuff... through music, that is. And, that is because some of us adult parents don't want or have the energy to keep up with everything, let alone  talk about it. I own that, too. I always feel a hundred years behind... however, I am now in full recovery mode with my teen heading into high school.

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