Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Remapping Life...#TangibleKingdom style

It's year-end, again!... The past few weeks I have been reviewing my life and looking at what I need to overhaul, remapping for a more prosperous future. Over-50 you see things a little different; and, I must confess, I have regrets over allowing myself to get sucked into Western individualism/consumerism and an academic/achievement-focus. I have come to see how following these cultural "norms" has broken down wholistic community lifestyles and my own personal leadership, creativity and critical-thinking gifts. I am determined to forge a new path and also help other women understand how to make more abundant lifestyle choices, empowering the beauty in community where everyone contributes and belongs. Below are a few books & videos that have been most meaningful on my journey:

The Tangible Kingdom - Hugh Halter & Matt Smay... It's my 2nd time through this stellar 2008 gift. It first encouraged me in simply modeling outreach as a frustrated church staffer back in my Cali days. Now, this missional church reread seems the handbook for living church back in our urban Chicago. The communion theology was an epiphany that I had never ever heard...

Community, the Structure of Belonging by Peter Block... This book lays out the joy and empowerment of true community, where everyone has a gift and voice. It was one of those books that doesn't have an ounce of Bible scripture in it... but, it seemed profound truth.

Junia is Not Alone by Scott McKnight... For me, this e-book lays out how top-down, patriarchal structure controls most of the world, even though Christ came over 2000 years ago to eradicate control and model perfect serving, empowering lateral love. Some days, as a woman, I feel really jipped by this perpetuating scenario... there, I said it!

The last set of videos that have changed and inspired me to work for a more wholistic and empowering education system for the children of Chicago, are the short u-tubes by Sir Ken Robinson. This man really understands how much creativity needs to be a part of wholesome community life & a prosperous future generation...

May we all embrace the tension of seeking a more loving, creative and community-focused 2012!

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