Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our Geo-Community Anchor

I confess, I have always been a "Doer". I love exploring, traveling, seeing new sights, experiencing new cultures... and simply just finding out other peoples life perspective. Eccentric people have always been intriguing to me and experiencing new things have always been life-giving. However, being back in the inner city as a middle-aged mom, I am finding that I now want to do less and stay home more. The constant angst of traffic, too many people and planning time with commuting family logistics is exhausting. Plus, we have an anchor that draws me back to the home base for care - Luna, our Portie puppy.

We got our pup a year ago, as she was part of our Rachel's relocation package with our move back to Chicago from SoCal... the puppy she had wanted her whole life - ha! However, as things seem to go, most routine and maintenance schedules that are home-based end up on the mom's plate. I am not sure why that happens; however, in most families, the mom is household social/logistics chairman. So, I have had to schedule this past year's family life routine around caring for our puppy. And, quite frankly, this new care routine has made me realize how much time our family was really spending away from our home and how we were getting sucked into doing most of our life activities outside of our geographic neighborhood community.

Well, I am determined to turn that scenario around so that we spend more time at home, hanging out in our geographic neighborhood. Our anchor pup, Luna, has helped me figure out how life-giving staying home and spending more time in our own neighborhood can be. Also, I have gotten to know many of my neighbors through our daily walks around our Logan Square 'hood. Puppies are a people-magnet and give unconditional love... most folks simply can't resist them! Luna has been the introduction to some very interesting characters in our socio-economic diverse community that probably never would have happened without her... this new anchor has helped to bring us even more geo-community joy!

Our family with Luna, the puppy anchor

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