Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the newbie!

My beloved pastor-bro, Nate, tells me I have a "word-thing"... Okay, I do have a "word-thing"...but, what person do you know that has major "justice buttons" that doesn't?... So, I am going to start writing... talking about my "word-thing". (So, do I need to define a justice button?.. I have learned that part of my "word-thing" is that people don't understand what my words mean!..And, I am so passionate that sometimes my words are misunderstood!?!)

I also claim library generation status vs. internet generation status.. so, just figuring how to get on and create this thing has taken me days... sigh. I have a hard time sitting still long enough to work through technology. I am a "do-er"! And, this techno stuff does not come natural to me as most of this software does not operate the way my brain thinks... But, since I claim being tenacious, I am going to persevere and figure this out!

I was also inspired by the Idea Camp Conference at New Song Church last month. A bunch of great people came together to share what they are doing in modeling love to the world! And, I loved it! And I loved all the beloved Asian guys I met there. They were so honoring and amazing. I especially loved the cultural session I sat in on led by Eugene Cho... I am following that guy.. he gets God .. and, he also gets the 4-pane, full counsel of God in righteousness & justice (check out the Carl Ellis podcast at my friend, Arloa Sutter's blog site...http://arloasutter.blogspot.com/search?q=carl+ellis)for the full picture window theology description of that!

Okay... the beginning has begun... I'm in this!
Oh, and our Sandals Church vision for those not in SoCal...
Real with ourselves, others & God!
So, this will be my "deep thoughts", as beloved Pastor-bro Neal has labeled them...Real!

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